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Your genetics may place you at risk of developing various health conditions. Genetic testing involves medical tests that help determine your level of risk. At her practice, Gelen R del Rosario MD Inc in National City, California, OB/GYN Dr. del Rosario, offers genetic testing, including prenatal genetic testing. To learn more about genetic testing, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Genetic Testing Q & A

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is medical testing that looks for abnormalities in chromosomes, genes, and proteins. These tests may confirm or rule out a genetic condition or your risk of developing a genetic condition. 

It also looks for genetic conditions you may pass to your offspring. 

Types of genetic testing include:

Molecular genetic tests

A molecular genetic test looks at specific genes and strands of DNA to look for abnormalities indicative of a genetic disorder.

Chromosomal genetic tests

Chromosomal genetic tests evaluate chromosomes, which are long strands of DNA that contain genetic information. Significant changes in chromosomes may indicate a genetic chromosomal condition.

Biochemical genetic tests

Biochemical genetic tests look at the amount and activity of various proteins to look for abnormalities that may suggest a genetic disorder. 

Who benefits from genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a personal decision. Though genetic testing offers valuable information to some, testing has limitations and risks.

The team at Gelen R del Rosario MD Inc can talk to you about genetic testing and whether it’s a good choice for you. 

Women with a family history of breast or cervical cancer may consider genetic testing to see if they carry the gene linked to these cancers. This information may lead to more frequent health screenings that find cancerous tissue during the early stages when it’s more responsive to treatment. 

What is prenatal genetic testing?

Gelen R del Rosario MD Inc also offers prenatal genetic testing. These tests look for inherited genetic disorders and mutations in genetic coding. 

Prenatal genetic testing may look for conditions such as:

  • Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome)
  • Trisomy 13
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Cystic fibrosis 
  • Tay-Sachs disease

Prenatal genetic testing may occur before you get pregnant or during your pregnancy.

What are the types of prenatal genetic testing?

There are many types of prenatal genetic testing. The type of testing performed depends on your personal medical history, partner’s medical history, family history, and your age during pregnancy.

Prenatal genetic testing includes:

  • Parent blood or saliva test to screen for inherited conditions
  • First-trimester blood test and ultrasound 
  • Second-trimester quad-screen blood test for various disorders
  • Prenatal cell-free DNA screening

The team at Gelen R del Rosario MD Inc can talk to you about prenatal genetic testing. They’ll review the types of testing available and the information it provides. 

They also provide genetic testing counseling after you get the results. This counseling helps you understand what the testing means for you, your family, and your baby. 

To learn more about genetic testing at Gelen R del Rosario MD Inc, call the office or book an appointment online today.